Providing Specialty Health Services to Facilities with Care

Are you a Patient Care Facility Seeking Superior Wound Care Services?

MobileCaringDocs provides general medical as well as specialized healthcare services to patients in any facility.

We honor all humankind regardless of color, creed, nationality, religion, or beliefs. Hence, we care deeply about each one of our patients regardless of their financial status, type of insurance or their level of health insurance coverage. We provide every patient with the highest standard of service possible, treating each patient with utter care, love and dignity. 

Are you looking for a great physician to provide general medical or specialty healthcare services to your patients in your facility?

The providers associated with MobileCaringDocs are here to be your dependable healthcare partners, providing everything from basic general medical care to mental health, podiatry, dentistry, optometry, psychiatry, wound care as well as other specialty care and treatments in addition to pharmaceutical, radiological, and durable medical equipment services among others. No matter what your needs are, we can usually help your patient residents get the care that they need.

In most facilities, MobileCaringDocs offers a wide range of wound care services including bedside surgical and chronic wound care with debridement for of all types of wounds, dermatological services, gastrostomy, or G-tube replacement at the bedside with contrast confirmation. We can usually take care of your resident’s G-Tube (gastrostomy tube) and Suprapubic needs in addition to our bedside wound care. Our other bedside wound care services include debridement, abscess drainage, wound vac application, and chronic wound management to help ensure that your patients recover quickly. In almost all facilities we also perform Doppler studies to evaluate blood flow to the extremities, as well as conduct burn evaluations, perform biopsies and manage traumatic lacerations among others. An extremely important part of our work is to make sure that we provide your team with accurate, detailed and timely documentation that would provide you with the information that you need for gold standard patient care, while minimizing liabilities and upholding the highest standards of compliance within your facility.

Our doctors have special protocols in place to track the status of the wounds regularly, make sure the wounds are not declining, and our doctors document this regularly. It is our team’s policy that if there are any concerns regarding compliance issues, our team closely collaborates with your administrative team, so that through honest, effective and appropriate documentation we would most readily enhance your facility’s compliance standards.